Kidicale Mass cycle

On Sunday 7th May the most recent Kidicale Mass cycle took place in Bath. The route was of 3 miles through mostly city centre streets, ending at Sydney Gardens play area. Although I did not count there must have been around 150 riders, ranging from newly independent riding children and those in cargo bikes and on kiddy tandems with parents, to more mature riders. What was good about the ride was the number of families there riding together.

Assembly at Orange Grove

Luke Ludwell, manager of AVC the Brompton Speciaists at Bath Railway Station, provided well amplified music as an accompaniment to the ride. The ride began at Orange Grove and finished at the Sydney Gardens. Newly elected Lambridge Green Councillors Joanna Wright and Saskia Heijltjes took a leading role in the organisation.

I have taken part in mass cycle rides in the past, particularly under the guise of Sky Rides, where roads were closed to enable people to bring families out on to the roads. In Bath these focussed around Victoria Park and Upper Bristol Road. Kidicale Mass does not require any road closures, but it is very successful in getting parents out with their children. There is of course, a long way to go before parents will be willing to allow unaccompanied children to ride their bikes on our roads. Much more infrastructure, such as the segregated cycle ways on Upper Bristol Road is needed before children in any numbers will be able to ride bikes on the roads.

Green Councillor Joanna Wright

Joanna Wright tells me that this bit of Upper Bristol Road infrastructure was down to her when she was Cabinet Member for Transport for the Lib Dems, before she was forced to join the Greens. I understand this defection was because the Lib Dems would not make an North Road running from Bathwick to Claverton Down into a low traffic neighbourhood, which would have provided a safe route for students to Bath University and to Ralph Allen School.

In my view the Lib Dem group, should continue to implement their Active Travel policy and in particular improvements to Liveable Neighbourhoods. Hopefully “Scholars Way” is high on the list of priorities.

Finish at Sydney Gardens play area

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