Scrutiny report on 20mph Speed limits is premature

Campaigning for 20 mph limits in Come

The Government has just published a “Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy” and within this strategy is a notification of a report into speed limits is to be published at the end of this year. The strategy states:

“In order to assist local bodies in their determination of the role of 20mph and 40mph zones and limits, the Department has commissioned Atkins, AECOM and Professor Mike Maher from University College London to carry out a research project into the effectiveness of 20mph speed limits, with this study due to be completed by the end of 2017. The study will consider a range of outcomes, including speed, collisions, injury severity, mode shift, quality of life, community, economic public health benefits and air quality. It will also examine drivers’, riders’ and residents’ perceptions of 20mph speed limits and assess the relative cost/benefits to specific vulnerable road user groups, including cyclists.”

This report is much more comprehensive than the B&NES Scrutiny report, and goes much wider than the local report that I critiqued in a previous blog post.  Surely it makes sense for B&NES to wait until this national study is published before doing its own review.

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